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Virtual Offices

Virtual Office in Montréal: Your Business Window

In the modern economic environment, businesses have to work around the clock to survive – especially the small-to-medium size enterprises. With a virtual office in Montréal from LIAISONS Business Centre we offer you the ability to work whenever and wherever you need. Businesses that have switched to virtual offices have found there are many advantages, like eliminating commute time, lower overhead costs, and increased productivity – just to name a few. Our virtual office program is perfect for businesses of all sizes, with features like call answering from a bilingual receptionist, use of our address on your business cards and letterheads (at no charge), the ability to keep your home address confidential and much more. To learn more about our virtual office program, contact LIAISONS Business Centre today.

Permanent Telephone Services

Save time and action by offering yourself the services of our attentive, bilingual receptionist during regular business hours. You’ll receive:

  • Call answering without delay for your clientele
  • Call transfer, if you wish, no matter where you are.
  • Message transmitted by your favorite communication mode (email, cellular phone, etc.)
  • Use of our address on your business cards and your letterhead without additional charge.

Advantages of a Virtual Office

Many business owners have made the switch to a virtual office and have begun to reap the benefits. With the virtual office program from LIAISONS Business Centre, we offer our clients many advantages including:

Eliminated commute time: By removing commute time and the time spent getting ready for work, you can increase your productivity.

Flexibility: Need to take some time off during the day? Maybe you want to fit a workout in? With a virtual office you’ll use less vacation days and personal time getting things done.

Lower overhead: Imagine working with no office lease or utility payments. With a virtual office, all the associated costs of a brick-and-mortar space are removed, giving you an even better profit margin.

Are you ready to see what a virtual office can do for you and your business? If so, contact LIAISONS Business Centre.


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