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Make the Smart Choice with Furnished Office Rental in Montreal

At LIAISONS Business Centre, we know finding the right office space can be difficult, time-consuming and stressful. From choosing the right locations and picking out the furniture, there are a lot of moving parts. That’s why we offer plenty of options for furnished office rental in Montreal. Working with us makes sense from a financial standpoint. You don’t have to worry about long term lease arrangements as we can customize to your unique needs.

With our personalized services, we will get you and your business exactly what is needed to succeed. Are you worried about having the right furniture and office equipment as your business grows? By choosing a furnished office space, you’ll never have to worry about keeping the office fully appointed as we’ll do it for you. For more information, contact LIAISONS Business Centre today.

Here is what you can expect from your furnished office rental in Montreal from LIAISONS:

  • Personalized greeting of your visitors
  • Personalized answering of your phone calls
  • Reception of your mail and deliveries
  • Internet Access
  • Kitchen Access
  • Secure access 24-hours a day, seven days a week
  • Municipal and business taxes handled by LIAISONS
  • Maintenance by LIAISONS
  • Rental terms that respond to your needs

3 Benefits of Renting a Furnished Office

Most businesses are operating on a razor thin budget and are always looking at ways to save money and be more productive. For businesses that have chosen to rent a furnished office from LIAISONS Business Centre, they’ve found out there are many advantages. Some of which include:

  • Cost savings: Furnishing an entire office can be extremely expensive. Purchasing the furniture, equipment and technology and then paying someone to install it can easily become a huge undertaking. A fully-furnished office helps you avoid those headaches by allowing you to rent a space that has everything you need from day one. In many cases, these offices can be rented for a fraction of what it costs to furnish it on your own.
  • Flexibility: If you furnish an office on your own, precious time is wasted in the moving and setting up process. With a pre-furnished office and no long term obligation leases, your business is ready to resume operations on day one. And as your business grows, you’ll have access to additional furniture and technology, eliminating the need to pay for things you don’t need.
  • Image: Presenting an image of professionalism is imperative for every business. A fully furnished office shows clients that you are a successful and serious company. With modern design, amenities and cutting-edge technology, you’ll show potential clients you mean business.

To learn more about what we offer, contact LIAISONS Business Centre today.


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