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A compared analysis that speaks for itself

Are you considering renting an office? Would you like to evaluate the savings you can make by choosing our business center?

Check out the following analysis. See the monthly exploitation rate gaps between our business center and an independant business office.

Montreal dowtown office LIAISONS Business Centre
 Business Tax  150 $     AUCUN FRAIS
 Maintenance and Electricity   100 $
 Receptionist/Secretary Salary (including benefits)  2500 $
 Furniture *
 Desk  850 $
 Chairs  750 $
 Filing Cabinet  450 $
 Total  2050 $
35 $
 Office Support Supply *
 Fax, Photocopier, Stamper, Telephone System, etc.)
 système téléphonique, etc…
 Total  20 000 $
 Service Contracts  100 $ AUCUN FRAIS
 Total Monthly Costs **  3215 $  0 $

*  Although the expense for the furniture and office supply is amortized for comparison purposes, please note that the disbursement is made from the first month onwards.

* * Rates do not take into account the improvement and betterments that may be applicable over and abov

Undeniable advantages!

Montreal Downtown Office  LIAISONS Business Centre
 Minimum Lease  36 months  3 months
 Espace minimal de location  1000 pieds carrés  Espace minimum d’un bureau